Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Importance of Book Distribution when Publishing a Book

When an author decides to publish a book, oftentimes book distribution is an afterthought (or ignored altogether). I've seen independent authors go out and find an offset book printer only to realize later that they have to then sell every single copy on their own. This usually means the author gets hundreds or thousands of copies printed upfront and then has to store them and ultimately -- if copies are sold -- get the copies delivered to the end customers in some way. This process is extremely time-consuming and unnecessary for an author. Can you seriously imagine handling all of this on your own?

At MindStir Media, we offer book distribution. Not only do we provide book distribution through Ingram, the largest wholesale distributor of books in the world, but all our books are also listed at,,, and thousands of other retailers and booksellers worldwide. All the order fulfillment is also handled for you as the author. For instance, when a copy of your MindStir book is ordered through, a copy is printed on-demand and then shipped to the end customer on your behalf. This saves you countess hours so you can continue focusing on writing instead of tracking every order, packing and shipping, etc.

On top of saving you a lot of time, distribution also gives potential readers more buying options. More buying options can sometimes mean more sales. It's important to have your published book available in as many online bookstores as possible. is a must, along with,, and Generally speaking those are the websites where most copies will be sold.

Ignoring book distribution is like a car ignoring tires. The car will never reach its full potential and neither will your book...

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