Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MindStir Media Helps Authors Advertise Books on National TV

MindStir Media has kept me very busy working on exciting new projects, including this one that allows authors to advertise their books on national television and reach around 500,000 viewers! Yes, the service is available for self-published titles (ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook)! Please share this with your author friends! : )

Friday, September 2, 2011

An ATM for Books: Espresso Book Machine

Many of you have probably heard of DVD ATM machines such as Redbox, but have you ever heard of an ATM for print books? Introducing the Espresso Book Machine... The EBM uses "digital files to produce physical books, and by matching supply to demand at point of need, the Espresso Book Machine® (EBM) enables retailers and libraries to sell (or lend) more titles without the extra inventory, eliminates supply-chain costs, and opens up a new market for retail self publishing. With the push of a button, the technology prints, binds, and trims a bookstore-quality, perfect-bound paperback book, in any language, with a full-color cover, in minutes while the customer waits." 

Will this change the publishing industry? Will we see more of these EBMs popping up around the world? As of now, there are less than 50 of these units worldwide. Feel free to comment by clicking here.

Watch this video. If you're an email subscriber, click this link to view the video: Enjoy!