Monday, October 21, 2013

Should You Use a Local Book Publisher?

I come across a few authors here and there who want to work with a local book publisher. While MindStir Media does work with many authors throughout the nation, the company also attracts authors looking for a book publisher in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. MindStir is located in NH and it borders ME and MA. It probably surprises authors when I tell them that, in my opinion, there's no real reason in 2013 and beyond to select a book publisher based on its location. Years ago, authors felt they had to be published by a NY book publisher in order to be successful. The Internet has changed everything. Email has knocked down the barriers. As a NH publishing company, I can easily communicate with an author located in CA and publish their book successfully. I've done it many times. Location is honestly becoming more and more irrelevant. There really aren't any limitations in working with a book publisher located outside your state. If you're an author, you're better off focusing on a book publishing company's reputation and success stories rather than its location.

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