Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good and Bad News for Barnes & Noble

Some good news: It was just announced that Barnes and Noble was #1 in trade book sales in 2010, owning about 23% of the market, ahead of Amazon.com (15.1%), Borders (13.1%), Wal-Mart (5.8%) and other major outlets. (Interesting that Wal-Mart actually experienced a greater decline than Borders, which filed for bankruptcy recently. What does that mean for Wal-Mart?)

Some bad news: Microsoft is suing B&N for patent infringement, claiming that the Nook and NookColor Android-based e-reader and tablet devices "infringes a number of Microsoft's patents ..."

How much longer do you think Barnes and Noble will stay on top? Who will eventually overtake them? Amazon.com? Click here to comment (you don't need an account). And by the way, check out all the MindStir Media books at Barnes & Noble.


  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Give it 5 yrs and Amazon will top Barnes & Noble

  2. Stanley1:17 AM

    I thought Amazon.com was already the sales leader. If not now they will be.