Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Customize Your Goodreads Author Profile With HTML

So you're an author and you've setup a Goodreads account and you're taking part in their author program. Awesome (if you're active on there)! Now it's time to customize your "author profile." Obviously, you'll want to fill in your birthday, gender, Web site, genre, and influences. I'm sure you figured that out ... But there's this thing called HTML and you can use it to customize your "about this author" section in your author profile. I've noticed that many authors just enter their bio in that section. I think that can be effective but adding hyperlinks via HTML is even more effective. Below is a screenshot from my author profile (the greenish colored text = hyperlinks). Click on it to enlarge.
Never used HTML before? That's okay. This site will will show you how to create hyperlinks and much more.

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