Monday, August 5, 2019

Mindstir Media News - July 2019

Mindstir Media was quite busy in July 2019. Mindstir received its 16th book award in 10 years; one of Mindstir's authors won an author of the year award locally; and one of Mindstir's books became a #1 Amazon bestseller. Check out the news stories below to read more.

-Top book publisher Mindstir Media garners positive reviews & receives its 16th book award in 10 years: Source: One World Herald

-Mindstir Media author wins author of the year award, garners rave reviews: Source: Big Time Daily

-"Naschash's Narrative" by Volker Fremuth (from Mindstir Media) becomes #1 Amazon Best Seller and #1 Hot New Release: Source: Big Time Daily

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