Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Seacoast Press review

Author Christy Day reviews Seacoast Press

"I am so glad I chose Seacoast Press to publish my book. I have been professionally, courteously, and kindly treated from the first communication to the present moment. Their publishing services are top notch, their design team excellent, and they are quick to respond to questions as they arise. I was thrilled when my cover design arrived – it exceeded all my expectations. I appreciate their clarity about costs and individualized service and they deliver in a timely manner. Their charges are certainly more than competitive and they offer a full range of services so that you can find just the package that suits your needs. I recommend them heartily and without reservation!" --Christy Day, author of Walking from Here to There: Finding My Way on El Camino

About the book: This book is equal parts reflection, factual account of the challenges and joys of the Pilgrimage, and practical advice for preparing for it and making it the best experience possible. Read it if you are planning to walk El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Read it if you know you never will and want to know what it is like. If you like first-person accounts full of facts and reflection, you will like Walking from Here to There.

Featured Amazon Reviews:

  • 5 stars: "Suitable for readers who are and are not considering making the Pilgrimage of Saint James. Ms. Day provides a blend of first hand experience, historical context and cultural considerations. If you are thinking of walking El Camino, the insight Ms. Day provides from (at times, painful!) lessons learned is a gift of practical advice and resource suggestions." 
  • 5 Stars: "What an AMAZING trip! We have added El Camino to our bucket list. It looks like you found your way on El Camino. I LOVE the chapter on Muni Manners (and Madness). This is a must read for anyone considering Pilgrimage."

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