Thursday, May 1, 2014

MindStir Media Review - Sheila Bittick

Children book publishers MINDSTIR MEDIA recently received an overwhelmingly positive review from children's book author Sheila Bittick. Here at MindStir, we strive to make childrens book publishing easy and affordable. We start by assigning each children's book author their very own illustrator. In this case, we assigned Justin (illustrator) to Sheila's children's picture book project. As a leader among childrens book publishers, MindStir was able to deliver to Sheila a finished, high-quality picture book in just a few months. The book, Jeremy's Great Escape, will be available to the public in a couple weeks.

MindStir children's book publishers author SHEILA BITTICK
Here's the review for MindStir Media children's book publishers:

"Thank you, Mindstir Media, for taking such excellent care of me. J.J. was always there when I needed him! Wow, Justin, your illustrations were awesome! You brought Jeremy's Great Escape to life for me. Thank you, Miranda, for taking the time to promptly return my Emails and answering all my questions no matter how small they were. I am so proud to be involved with such a great organization. I look forward to working with you in the future!"

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