Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Next Book "Weepy the Dragon" Due Out in June

I have some very exciting news to share: Weepy the Dragon, my first children's book, will be released next month! My debut book, Unconventional, was published back in July 2009 -- and I've been busy running MindStir Media ever since -- so Weepy will be my first release in nearly three years... I didn't plan on having such a large gap between "J. J. Hebert" book releases, but MindStir has kept me busy helping other authors publish their books. And it's a lot of fun, of course! :)

Here's the description for Weepy the Dragon:

Weepy is a dragon, sure, but the dragons nearby would agree that he doesn’t act like a dragon at all. He’s not angry, scary, and mean. He only eats vegetables with his sharp teeth. He uses his fire-breath as a nightlight because he’s afraid of the dark. Worst of all, he tends to cry, something the other dragons – especially his powerful father – would never do! Weepy wants to be more “dragony,” but he soon finds that being different has its advantages.

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