Friday, February 24, 2012

Shipping Your Own Books

In addition to relying on, and other online retailers, most authors sell printed copies of their book(s) via their own website. This means they're responsible for accepting orders and ultimately shipping copies to the end customer. It's a time consuming process, but the author usually makes more profit per copy this way...

If you're one of those authors, I suggest you invest in some quality mailers. Flimsy mailers look unprofessional and don't really prevent your book(s) from being damaged. Have you ever ordered a book from Take a look at their mailer. It's hard cardboard, very sturdy. That's the kind of mailer you need. And now you can buy them through ULINE. I'm not affiliated with ULINE in any way ... Just thought this tip might be beneficial to you and your readers. Have fun!

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