Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MindStir Media - Self-publishing With A Personal Touch

Nowadays, indie authors are able to bypass traditional gatekeepers of the publishing industry and self-publish, presenting their books to readers much faster than ever before. This can be extremely liberating and rewarding for authors if done correctly and with the right self-publishing company.
Many leading self-publishing companies are so large that authors quickly get lost in the crowd, and what should be a liberating and rewarding experience instead becomes frustrating. These large self-publishing companies are notorious for poor customer service, rushed services, and erroneous or missing royalty payments. Don't get stuck with these corporate self-publishing giants. There are many other options for indie authors... One option is Mindstir Media.
Mindstir Media, the self-publishing and book marketing company I own, specializes in paperback, e-book, and audiobook publishing and distribution. Authors retain all rights and receive royalties up to 100%. Royalties are always paid on time...accurately. Publishing starts at $199 with the Design It Package, which allows an author to design his/her own book, self-publish, and distribute in the United States via Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, BooksAMillion.com, and many more online retailers. The author's book is even distributed through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.
For serious authors with larger budgets, Mindstir offers premium packages which include design, editorial, global distribution, and marketing services. It's very important for an author to have the most professional product possible, meaning the cover should be eye-catching and comparable to covers designed by major publishers, and the editing must be done professionally. Mindstir's designs are extremely eye-catching and its editors have freelanced for Simon & Schuster, Princeton University Press, Barbour Publishing, and other well-known "major" publishing houses.
Regardless of the Mindstir publishing option an author chooses, the author will enjoy unparalleled personal customer service. Never will a Mindstir author be tossed from one rep to another. Each author deals with one contact for all publishing support needs, and for many Mindstir authors, J. J. Hebert (me), bestselling author and president of Mindstir Media, is the primary contact person. How many other self-publishing companies offer mentoring and customer service from a bestselling author? Only one: Mindstir Media.
Mindstir Media is also the only self-publishing company providing unabridged audiobook publishing and distribution. The audiobook format is unfortunately a mostly forgotten format in self-publishing today despite the audiobook's recent increase in popularity.
Finally, Mindstir supplies authors with several very valuable a la carte services such as a Convenience Book Tour, website design, book signing kit, press release creation and distribution, and more.
For more information about Mindstir Media, please visit www.mindstirmedia.com or call 800-767-0531 to speak to a live person.

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